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Get control of your wagebill today!

Simple & easy to use Time and Attendance, Scheduling & HR Software in one solution. 

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Smart Phone

Facial recognition and location tracking

Chronicle Smart App works on both Android and Apple devices. Smart Phones, Tablets and Ipads

Using the latest in Facial Recognition technology and geo-fencing location tracking you can know where and what your workforce is doing.

Real Time Data

Anytime, anywhere & any device!

Chronicle understands people work differently, that's why our solutions works all the time on any device and anywhere in the world.

Get instant alerts about no shows, lateness, overtime, sickness and absence

Admin on the Move

Complete admin tasks at work at home or on the go.

In a modern 24hr working environment administrative task shouldn't be restricted to office hours.

Chronicle Online empowers you and your users to engage with vital business data in real time anywhere, anytime. On the shop floor, in the office, or even at home. 

Plan & Prepare your Rosters in Real Time

Planning makes perfect

Schedule in advance your teams rest days, working days, holiday, sickness, absence and even overtime.


Don't get bogged down with spreadsheets and manual calculations, let Chronicle Online simplify your day.


Any environment and any budget!

Chronicle Online works with a range of data capture devices.

Whether you want peace of mind with Biometrics or robustness with Proximity our range of terminals will meet your requirement in clean, wet and dirty environments

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New Facial Recognition Clocking Terminals

The New Normal, Workforce Management, Time and Attendance, Data Privacy, Facial Recognition, Touchless Technology. These are all subjects Chronicle have paid careful attention to in recent times.


We have been working to create a solution to all of these challenges. The Result? Chronicle are proud and excited to be introducing our newest innovation in ‘time clock’ and workforce management devices, the GT8.   

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Meet The Team

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Rupert Lassen

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Managing Director

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 10.11.16.png

Howard Lancaster

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Sales and Account Manager

Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 12.19.02.png

Neil Rowles

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Sales and Account Manager

Meet The Team

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 09.56.31.png

Zac Ballard

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Support Desk


Benjamin Coverley

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Installations Manager

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Iftakhar Qayyum

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Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 05.49.43.png

David Bassam

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Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 05.49.24.png

Callum Macnab

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Projects and Support

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 05.51.20.png

Jasmine Jones

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Project Co-ordinator

Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 16.21.08.png

James Zalewski

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Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 05.49.24.png

Callum Macnab

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Projects and Support

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 09.55.27.png

Louise Keech

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Office Manager

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