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Record Time against Jobs, Clients, Cost Centre anywhere any time on any device

Job Costing - Shop Floor Data Capture

Chronicle Job Costing Software 

Chronicle Computing has designed a simple and easy to use Job Costing solution designed for SME's to affordably track hours worked against projects, customers, cost centres and activities. Using a combination of data capture devices such as biometrics, proximity, smartphone and laptops whatever your environment Chronicle can help you record not only the hours worked but also the hours spent on different jobs. 


Capture Data with any combination of devices

  • Track Cost Centres

  • Track Activities

  • Track Jobs

  • Track Clients

  • High-level overviews on Dashboards

  • At a glance see where your hours are being spent

  • Track and manage all hours centrally

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  • Robust reliable data capture devices

  • Designed to suit any environment any budget

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See Hours Worked and rates
See changes in role and job

Reporting tools to extract data in to PDF, CSV, Word or Excel

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Shop Floor Data Capture, Cost Centre Analysis, Activity Analysis, Job Costing
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