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Professional Services

Chronicle Computing empathises that every customer wants a quick and easy time and attendance installation first time around.

We understand that implementing a time and attendance system is an event in your company’s history that affects everybody from the business owners to the employees, and everyone in between plus involving all departments from Payroll, IT, HR and Operations. An implementation of that size you really only want to do once and get it right.


That’s why we use the same person to project manage, configure, install and train you on your time and attendance system. Keeping the continuity intact, reducing the number of people involved with your project and allowing clear lines of responsibility for quick efficient results.


Largely speaking there is three stages to a time and attendance project.

There are three stages to a time and attendance project.

  • Pre Installation – Build working rules and rotas, Import Employees, Prepare Network and PowerPoints, Configure Company structure.

  • Installation – Activate Software / Hardware and commission, to ensure everything works and talks to each other.

  • Post Installation – Train users, adjust working rules and design if required bespoke payroll exports.


On average a time and attendance project from start to finish takes around 1-3 weeks depending on size and complexity. This includes set up, activation - installation, bedding in and training users.

Be Activated for a Trial in 24Hrs

We work fast! Our activation is simple and the terminals we have in stock. Call us today to get your free trial and discuss your requirements.

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