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Proximity or Biometric Clocking Terminal for your Time and Attendance system?

Trying to decide what Time and Attendance technology -Proximity or Biometric Terminals is right for your business?

This overview summarises the various Pros and Cons in each technology helping you make a more informed decision about your Workforce Management system.



  • Quick simple install

  • Easier for Employees to use

  • No intrusive

  • No sanitisation issues

  • Works everytime

  • Low intial purchase price.

  • Lower Cost in annual maintenance

  • Cards will work with other systems such as access control.

  • Terminal requires no cleaning

  • Waterproof terminal options


  • People can share cards and fobs also know as 'Buddy Clocking'

  • Requires consumable people can lose.



  • Businesses know it is that individual clocking in and out not a friend.

  • No Card of Fob to forget.

  • No Card or Fob to buy


  • Takes additional time to set up and record everyones fingerprint

  • Takes time to train people how to use the device

  • Some people find it invasive- even though it isn't an actual fingerprint record used in Police checks.

  • Higher annual maintenance cost

  • Higher terminal price

  • Terminal requires periodic cleaning

  • Vulnerable to vandalisation

Hopefully this overview summarises the pros and cons for proximity and biometric time and attendance devices. Proximity is the core most adopted technology used by many businesses however in recent years Biometrics have improved in quality and accuracy and when implemented correctly are very successful and becoming more popular.

Chronicle supports and maintains both solutions and will happily explain in more detail which is best suited to your environment and requirements.

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