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Facial Verification on Smartphone

Chronicle Online - Facial Recognition technology

Monitoring the location and verifying the identity of remote or mobile employees is not easy, especially for remote and disparate workforces. This can lead to timesheets being vulnerable to fraud and manipulation costing potentially thousands in unnecessary costs.

Chronicle Online utilises the latest developments in facial biometrics, the Chronicle Online Smart Phone application available in both Android and Apple stores now not only tracks location but also has built in facial verification. This technology helps give businesses complete peace of mind when remote staff are logging hours. Our technology completely eliminates the risk fraud and buddy clocking issues within your workforce.

“Using Chronicles Facial verification is like every employee having their own portable biometric terminal in their pocket it’s amazing.” Tom Furlonger - Managing Director– Furlonger Tree Services

Our Facial technology enables you to search, identify and match faces in a private repository for up to 1 million people.

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