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Holiday booking in Chronicle Online Mobile App

Employee Self Servicing on your Smart Phone.

Chronicle Smartphone app now empowers employees to view their "holiday entitlement" and "request annual leave" whilst on the move or when working remotely.


  • Entitlement shown in days or hours depending on contract

  • Entitlement Booked and Left Remaining balances

  • Request Full, Half or custom time.

  • Instant responses - no delay - increasing employee satisfaction

  • Holiday Blackout rules enabled - helps avoid people off on holiday during busy periods i.e. Christmas or Easter

  • Holiday Threshold rules enabled - helps avoid having too many employees off at the same time.


  • No more lost holiday forms

  • Time saved in admin

  • Online records

  • Accuracy

  • Online email trail

  • Auditing

New or existing customers please contact sales or your account manager for more information.

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