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Fancy moving Payroll mid year?

Did you know Chronicle offers a complete cloud based HMRC recognised payroll solution and that you do not

have to wait until the new fiscal year to go live?

For many customers the thought of going live mid year is scary process, however we offer a suite of services to help you migrate your existing FPS (Full Payment Schedule) or P11 data mid year and can hand hold you through the entire process.

Fact - 95% of our customers have already done the 'heavy lifting' in preparing the data for Payroll in Chronicle Online.

Thought #1 - If you use a bureau why not bring payroll in house and save some cost.

Thought #2 - If you run payroll in house with Sage, Opera or Earnie for example you could use our "one click solution" and avoid migrating .csv files between two separate systems or worse avoid keying in data manually.

Feel free to contact your account manager to have a walk-though and discussion around Chronicle Payroll and the benefits it could bring.


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