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Record Hours anywhere any time on any device

Smart Phone / Smart Device Clocking

Chronicle Smart Phone Clocking Device 

Chronicle Computing has designed a simple and easy to use smartphone clocking utility that enables remote or mobile employees to Clock IN and Out, Start Break or End Break, Change Activity or Change Cost Centre remotely. Time and date stamped records supported with facial verification and location tracking, providing realtime data.

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Supervisor Clocking Feature 
Ability to select from a predefined list of employees
Option to clock them IN OUT, Start or End Break, Change Activity or Cost Centre.
Tracks location and make notes
Perfect for Construction or Agricultural businesses and many more
Employee List
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Clocking Options

Facial Biometric Verification

Check the identity of every person clocking in and out. Using the latest in facial recognition technology Chronicle smart app is like having a biometric terminal in every member of your teams pocket.

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  • Stop Fraud
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Avoid Buddy Clocking
  • Ensure peace of mind

Geo Fencing 

Set up the longitude and latitude of authorised locations employees are allowed to clock in and out from. Get 'location not found' alerts if employees clock in the wrong place

Screenshot 2019-11-16 at 13.42.40.png
  • Define locations
  • Define Geo-Fence
  • Define Payrate
  • Get alerts if people are in the wrong place 
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