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Support & Maintenance

A UK Support Desk for UK Time and Attendance Clients.


We understand how important our time and attendance solution is to your business and pride ourselves on keeping your Workforce Management Software and Hardware running smoothly.


Specifically your Time and Attendance Clocking Terminals have to be working constantly all the time, your users having controlled access rights, working rosters and overtime rules set up and maintained correctly, worked hours and hr sickness and absence reports running on time for Payroll. We get it as we’ve done it ourselves and helped lots of other companies solve this problem over the years.


To help, Chronical provides a range of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) depending on client’s budget and requirements.


Typically, most clients will adopt our standard SLA which includes

  • Unlimited Phone Support

  • New for Old Hardware

  • Unlimited Updates and Upgrades to Software

  • Unlimited Engineer to Site Call Outs

  • Software and Hardware Support - Monday to Friday 9-5

  • Guaranteed Response within 3 days

  • Remote Software Support using Log Me IN 

  • 24HR / Same Day Next Day & 3 Day Support as alternatives are also available

  • Our support desk is based in the UK, staffed by people from the UK and will always be in the UK that’s a promise

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