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Record Hours anywhere any time on any device

Smart Phone / Smart Device Clocking

Chronicle Smart Phone Clocking Device 

Chronicle Computing has designed a simple and easy to use smartphone clocking utility that enables remote or mobile employees to Clock IN and Out, Start Break or End Break, Change Activity or Change Cost Centre remotely. Time and date stamped records supported with a location are then sent in real time to our hosted solution.

clock in app.jpg
  • Track Employees Attendance Remotely

  • Record Hours


  • See Live Date

  • Track Location

  • Simple Interface 

  • Multi Device and App Compatible

  • Synced time from Server

  • Security questions and verification optional

smart phone clocking 2.jpg
  • Works on Apple and Android Devices

  • Download from the Google Play store and Apple Store

Smart Phone App location.jpeg
Smart Phone Link to Map
Live view from employee work record
Map showing exact location of employee
Perfect for Cleaning Companies, Support Services, Lone Workers,
Drivers, Community Support Workers, Gardeners and more.
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