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Cloud Based Time and Attendance Solution

Get control over your Wage Bill now!

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Time & Attendance Terminal
Time & Attendance Terminal
Proximity Fob
BiometriTime & Attendance Terminal

Reduce your staff bill by 5% per annum

Whether you're a small or large business, our time and attendance system makes it a doddle to accurately track your largest expense, your staff!

Never over or under pay again.

Why choose Chronicle Computing?


Chronicle is built and supported in the UK


Chronicle Online adapts to the device your using. Tablet and Desktop compatible


Works in Azure as a Cloud Solution. No need for servers or installation


Access Anywhere Anytime 

Variety of Data Capture

Chronicle Online works with a variety of Proximity & Biometric Clocking Devices

30+ Years 

The Chronicle team has a combined 30+ years experience in Workforce Management

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Chronicle Computing helps us track and record the hours our staff worked accurately and easily.

Mike Post, Owner BIG V Kampers

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