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Data Capture Devices to suit all budgets

Time & Attendance Hardware

A Range of Time & Attendance Clocking methods

Chronicle Computing understands that a variety of robust data capture methods are needed in order to manage a successful workforce management solution.


Chronicle offer a range of Biometric and Proximity Clocking Terminals, along with Telephone and Web clocking options. All devices and methods support the following standard functionality.

In / Out          Start / End Break           Change Activity          Change Cost Centre       Check Holiday Balance

dashbaord imac
ipad group calendar
work record ipad
mac air group calendar


All our Time and Attendance Solutions units have as standard

  • Steel cased with a lockable back means the clock is very hard-wearing and durable.

  • Equipped with Memory and Battery Back-up as standard, avoiding any lost clocking’s or power failure issues on site.

  • Works in Live time – giving instant live data

  • Synced to an atomic clock, so the device never loses or displays the wrong time.

  • Automatically adjusts for BST.

  • Powered and Networkable for constant up time and robustness.


Contact Chronicle today to discuss your requirements.

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