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Care and Nursing Homes is a core market for Chronicle.


Lots of privately owned care/nursing homes and groups are using Time and Attendance systems to maintain payroll accuracy and ensure standards of care are being met.



With a 24hr 7day a week environment, management are not always present, many Care home Providers like to use biometric to ensure all staff are on-site and working and most importantly it is the people they employed and background checked that are providing the care.


With nearly all workers in Care/Nursing hourly paid Chronicle helps track accurately 'actual' hours worked, any overtime or lateness and also compile Holiday Sickness and Absence records in one location.



SIMPLE & EASY to Use Software

 Low Cost Hardware Available Now

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Time and Attendance Software for the Care and Nursing Sector


  • Multiple Sites and Users 

  • Biometric or Proximity Terminals 

  • Battery backup and memory as standard

  • Visibility of Hours Worked

  • Tracking of Lunch breaks

  • Recording of Cost Centres and Activities worked

  • Management of Paid and Unpaid Overtime

  • Reporting on Lateness

  • Centralised Holiday Sick and Absence Records

  • Reduction in Payroll Processing Time

  • Removal of Payroll Errors

Range of Biometric Terminals
Simple Easy to Use Software

Chronicle is a centralised solution with a simple interface designed to make it easy for Care Home managers to administer their records and for head office to see what's happening across the group.


Employees can work at different sites at different times on different contracts with separate pay rules and Chronicle will track and manage all of it.



Care Home, owners can see what is happening remotely from home or whilst on the go.



Information is in live time so if people don't show up at key moments alerts can be raised and managers informed. Enabling them to use agency, zero hour workers or overtime where required.

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