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Waterproof Clocking terminals - Time and Attendance

Our Waterproof Clocking Terminals are environmentally sealed with a NEMA 4X rated enclosure and IP65 certification. Designed specifically for food production areas the IP65 rated device is splash proof and waterproof. Meaning you can spray them down at the end of the shift to sanitize the unit and the area.

With exactly the same features as a normal proximity terminal many food pack houses and agricultural business use these in the wet rooms and wash down areas as a reliable data capture device.

Waterproof Terminal for Time and Attendance System

Waterproof / Non Invasive / Simple to set up / Affordable / Reliable

Proximity Clocking Terminals
Waterproof Terminal for Time and Attendance System
Waterproof Terminal for Time and Attendance System
IP65 Rated

Proximity Cards Fobs and Tags

Cards and Fobs for a Time and Attendace Solution

Proximity cards and key fob for time and attendance and access control systems. Proximity technology in a convenient, pocket size device.


The proximity card keyfob easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard. Built to withstand harsh operating environments or handling.

Ideally suited for use in time and attendance / access control applications 

  • Small enough to fit on a key ring.

  • Visible in food scanners and other foreign body detection technology

  • Robust, simple to use, non intrusive.

  • Lifetime warranty.

Reduce your staff bill by 5% per annum

Whether you're a small or large business, our time and attendance system makes it a doddle to accurately track your largest expense, your staff!

Never over or under pay again.

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