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Workforce Management Software

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Get Control of your Workforce and Labour Costs

Chronicle Online helps you manage your most important asset, your workforce, whilst maintaining control of your greatest cost, your wage bill.


With 30 years combined experience, Chronicle Computing provides state of the art cloud based SAAS Time and Attendance & Workforce Management Solutions.

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Time and Attendance

Record Worked Hours

Flag lateness

Manage Overtime

Deduct Lunch Breaks

Highlight No Shows

Live Data

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Roster and plan shifts

Match requirements to staffing levels.

Complete visibility in live time of who is on and off-site

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Dashboards & Reporting

A suite of reports designed to make life easier

Payroll Data

Holiday Sickness Absence statistics

Overtime analysis

Fire Reporting


Worked Hours against Plan



Chronicle HR  tackles core HR and Personnel issues for small to medium sized companies. Addressing security and record integrity challenges, Chronicle HR removes the need for filing cabinets, paper records and excel spreadsheets,

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Employee Self Servicing

Empower staff to make holiday requests online from any device

No more spreadsheets unnecessary errors or wasted admin time.



Instant alerts to pending holiday request

Bulk acceptance features

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Smart Phone Clocking

Chronicle Computing has designed a simple and easy to use smartphone clocking utility that enables remote or mobile employees to Clock IN and Out, Start Break or End Break, Change Activity or Change Cost Centre remotely. Time and date stamped records supported with a location are then sent in real time to our hosted solution.

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Access Control

Chronicle Access, is a completely cloud-enabled Access Control solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. 



Chronicle Access can control and manage who enters and leaves internal and external doors, car park barriers, full and half height turnstiles.



Reduce your staff bill by 5% per annum

Whether you're a small or large business, our time and attendance system makes it a doddle to accurately track your largest expense, your staff!

Never over or under pay again.

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