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Time and Attendance Software for Distribution

Why use Chronicle?

Distribution is a core market for Chronicle Computing. Contact us today to talk about your requirements and get a proposal?


Overview and Solution Benefits 

Managing numerous onsite and offsite staff is a challenge but Chronicle makes it easy.


With a selection of Smart Phone Clocking, Biometric or Proximity terminals, clients can choose the most acceptable device for their business and culture.


With live data and the ability to track cost centre and activities, it is simple to record 'picking and packing' times for customers and orders.


Recording hours 24hrs 7 days a week is easy and with live data, any lateness or overtime is immediately flagged.


For businesses operating over multiple locations, the interface is simple and intuitive for end users and provides a centralised overview of all sites.

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Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 11.25.36.png
  • Multiple Sites and Users to manage and monitor

  • Biometric or Proximity Terminals 

  • Battery backup and memory as standard

  • Visibility of Hours Worked

  • Tracking of Lunch breaks

  • Removal of Payroll Errors

  • Recording of Cost Centres and Activities worked

  • Management of Paid and Unpaid Overtime

  • Reporting on Lateness

  • Centralised Holiday Sick and Absence Records

  • Reduction in Payroll Processing Time

Case Study

“Chronicle solution saves me hours of time each month preparing payroll, whilst also providing invaluable management information around lateness and overtime.”


Adam Chudley, Owner

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