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Go Paperless Go Chronicle

HR Software

A complete HR Solution

Chronicle HR  tackles core HR and Personnel issues for small to medium sized companies. Addressing security and record integrity challenges, Chronicle HR removes the need for filing cabinets, paper records and excel spreadsheets, Chronicle HR uses a SQL database to manage and safely store Personal details such as name and address, date of birth, next of kin, join date, holiday sickness and absence entitlements and taken days. 

  • Never lose an employees file again.

  • Secure online & backed up digital records

  • Custom alerts and automated flags and triggers to show renewal dates or expiring qualifications.

  • Expiry & renewal triggers

  • Document Management



Name, Address, Next of Kin, DOB, Gender, Start Date, Contract Details

Holiday Sickness & Absence 

Track and manage paid and unpaid entitlement accurately

Track and manage skills and training records

Automatic emails and alerts when incidents or warnings occur

Skills & Training

Messaging & Alerts

Chronicle HR when used with Chronicle other products such as Chronicle Time and Chronical HR make an incredibly powerful Workforce Management system for a small medium or large organisation. 

All Chronicle modules use the same layout look and style and importantly the same database. This makes for an unparalleled solution in the Workforce Management space. Centralised reporting and analysis is simple and easy, no convoluted imports and exports of data or cross referencing of data from different system. 

Most importantly of all from a users perspective is our emphasis and ability to support a single point of entry for an employee record. Put the data in once and it is visible in all Chronicle modules dependant on access levels and user rights.

Document Management

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Never loose an employee file again

Whether you're a small or large business, our HR system makes it a doddle to safely store and manage your employee records!

Never misplace a file again.

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