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Start using Chronicle Online today.


Chronicle is priced by the employee, user licence and clocking device. 

Chronicle Online

General System access for shift planning, holiday sick absence booking, activity and cost centre analysis. 

Workforce Management from as little as $2.00 per month per employee

Smart Phone Clocking.png

Smart Phone Clocking 

Smart Phone Clocking on either Android or iOS. Facial Recognition, Location tracking, Geo-Fencing

Phone Clocking utility from  $2.00 per month per employee

Chronicle HR

Clocking in from your PC or Laptop

Workflows, Mail Merge, Document Management, Record Management $2.00 per month per employee

Super User Access

Desktop & Tablet compatible

Give managers access to the data on the move from $10.00 per user per month


Mifare Fob or Card £3.25 or £2.25 each

Low Cost Proximity Clocking Device £350.00 per device


Mifare Fob or Card £3.25 or £2.25 each

Fully featured Proximity Clocking Terminal £1,250.00 per device


Fingerprint recognition device

Fully Featured Biometric Clocking Terminal £1,550.00 per device


Mifare Fob or Card £3.25 or £2.25 each

Fully Featured Waterproof IP65 Rated Proximity Clocking Terminal £1,650.00 per device

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